Welcome to Narfnarf Animation. My name is Fran Power and I’m a freelance 3D/2D animator & designer from Dublin, Ireland now living in Berlin, Germany. My past work has been in the field of 3D Modelling, Character Design, Rigging and Character animation but I also love to work in Motion Design. Check out Showreel for my 3D & 2D animation work for TV, Web & Film. Select work to view projects individually and motion design for a look at all of my recent motion graphics work. Send me an email, or linkedin message for freelance enquiries.Thanks.

I enjoy all aspects of 3D & 2D animation, but especially character design, character animation, and environmental design. I've worked as a 3D animator in production houses and freelance over the years on TV commercials, shows, music videos, and web media for clients/products such as Brain Freeze, RTE Television, BBC, Asavie Technologies, Bank of Ireland, Irish Life, RendezVu, Avonmore Milk, Cadbury's Buttons, Rabobank, Nestle KitKat.